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‘Market Commentaries’ is the long-running series of articles authored by Daniel Wildermuth, CEO & CIO, Wildermuth companies. Mr. Wildermuth shares his in-depth knowledge of the market as it relates to national and international events, and their effects on the investment world.

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Mr. Wildermuth has a lengthy and strong background in the areas of equity and fixed income research and money management. As CIO of  Wildermuth Asset Management and Wildermuth Advisory, he pioneered over 20 different money management strategies developed to best utilize different research available and particular investment vehicles. Beyond traditional investment vehicles, Mr. Wildermuth pioneered advanced portfolio strategies and approaches for individuals, which utilized various alternative asset classes and innovative investment structures. He is also a published author of two books, Wise Money and How to Keep and Grow Your Retirement Assets, which both detail potential methods that investors can invest more similarly to institutions such as endowments.